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MOvintage is an up and coming brand with a traditional understanding of what it means to be stylish.  We specialize in finding just the right piece to accent a client’s individual flair, and although we got our start at New Image in San Bernardino, CA, we don’t limit our treasure hunts to local spots. We travel abroad to bring back exclusive finds and custom pieces to help you step outside of the fashion box as YOU, in all your gloriously chic splendor.  

MOvintage got started in 2009, so we have that rare combination of a fresh eye for fashion AND experience in how trends apply to different body and personality types.  Our list of services ranges from styling for artists and music videos, to runway, photo shoots, and film.  Add that to our bottomless and backless closet full of vintage  paragons, and what started as a twinkle in one little girl’s eye, has become an opportunity for everyone to be dripped in gold, and flexin’ fierce fashion.
DISCLAIMER: Our vintage pieces are personally curated by  member of our team specifically to be sold as MOvintage pieces. A select few garments are pre-selected from various vintage stores and bought for styling purposes, then resold with all due respect to the former buyer.